Mapio 2.2.9 update changelog

Written by Tuesday, 07 February 2017 17:39

-removed support for hardware acceleration of DXV codec.

*fixed vertical flipped video files with raw codecs (not compressed).

*fixed multi-segment output for one strip of Pixelpusher.

*fixed auto-pixel-mapping with some skipped pixels when scanning.

*fixed duplication of pixels number in auto-sensors after each loading or refresh state of UI.

*fixed preset's loading of matrix sensors in Pixel-Mapping panel.

*fixed rare QML crash (more accurate sync of threads).

*fixed copy&past elements in a group and added "copy" word for the name of elements

*fixed network video stream did not resume after stopping.

*fixed ALT and SHIFT modifier for the transform tool.

*fixed a white rectangle on a label of the slice when enter name shorter than 3-4 symbols. Added check on the empty name of the slice.

*fixed antialiasing of slices.

*tuned the timing of loops (time between the last and the first frame)

*fixed crash on DX/GL interop feature testing for DXVA codec and AMD GPUs

*fixed GUI playing state in the playlist after loading and in some other cases.

*fixed in performance settings window the default number of decoding threads for the video file. And was set the max value equals to the number of logical cores minus one.

*the window of Multi-Display and Pixel-mapping do not show now after loading a project.

*fixed behavior of tools with hidden slices.

*fixed mouse hover detection of masks contour.

*fixed muted sound on the first start of a clip in some cases.

*fixed muted sound of new network source.

*fixed muted clips starting with sound.

*fixed media files buffering and audio playing sub-system(it fixed sound clicks in some cases) [win]

*fixed aspect ratio in 3d import.

*fixed hang of sending a feedback report in some cases.

*fixed leak of mutex in syphon source [mac os]

*fixed lost FFGL [mac os]

*fixed multi-display window is not topmost window[mac os]

*changed FPS count behavior (side effects - FPS is not displayed if there is no output.)

*updated Qt to 5.6.2

*updated Decklink SDK to 10.7


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Written by Saturday, 05 March 2016 11:31

Mapio 2 QML sketches render preview

Written by Sunday, 01 June 2014 15:01



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