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Hotfix 2.1.5 is available

Sunday, 16 November 2014 13:10

New version Mapio 2.1.5 with hotfix for OSC functionality is ready for downloading.

Mapio 2.1.4 is ready

Friday, 07 November 2014 12:24

+added command-line parameter for auto-open full-screen output. Suitable for the systems with one display.
+added saving of the state of "The Show" mode.
*fixed a problem in the licensing system (not accepted a valid key) which is relevant on some platforms/cpu.
*version check when loading a project of the newer Mapio versions.
*fixed saving/loading of the settings of ARTNET devices  for pixel-mapping feature.
*fixed blinking after manual switching of the clip with non zero fade-in.
*fixed wrong work of a media items fade-in with zero duration. (for sources: Image, live streams)
*fixed behavior of change and remove ImageSource.
*fixed work of commands "next", "prev" clip in playlist via OSC.
*fixed the strange behavior dragging the mask points in some cases.
*fixed the wrong marking as "not saved" just loaded project.
*fixed url in QML sketch heroku->glslsandbox
*fixed crash on auto-loading project with display.
*fixed the rare black images after auto-loading of the project.
*Now, do not save a backup file on an unmodified project.
*fixed the scanning for auto-pixel-mapping.
*fixed vertical flip of the frame webcam capture in some cases.

Mapio 2.1.3 is ready

Tuesday, 07 October 2014 05:56


*pixel-mapping engine - tuning and syncronization.
+added the command-line parameter "inter-packet gap" for PixelPusher.
*fixed saving of sub-pixels order in pixel-mapping settings.
*fixed a calculation FPS of the PixelPusher data sending
+show for the inactive matrix sensor the points grid.
*fixed loading of the FFGL project with multi-position slices.
*fixed the hanging on loading of the project(composition) with Mapio FFGL after previous crash (when exist a backup file)
+hide the mouse cursor on the output screen (only for windows system, for mac it will be available in a future releases)
*fixed the state of menu "Destination" after closing the display window
+restore the position of the display window after closing by the cross button

*fixed trash in the display window after first opening and after switching to fullscreen(mac)

*fixed rare crash on exiting Mapio application(mac)

HOTFIX for MacOSX users: In version fixed bug at startup. Please, download the updated version.

Mapio 2.1.2 is ready

Saturday, 09 August 2014 15:45



+ reworked import 3D files. OpenCollada was replaced by the FBX SDK. Now supported FBX and Collada.
+ added support OSC for QML sketches.
+ added new QML sketch: Youtube viewer.
* Problems with drag&drop (mac)
* not adding a file extension when saving the project.
* sometimes disappear parameters mask
* a bitmap masks tool apply only for the current slice (for "Only the Current" mode)
* not showing QML errors at first time loading.
* added report error if failed to save/load the project (for example, in case of the denial of access)
* fixed crash on adding capture device ("[internal]" versions)
* fixed crash on loading a project with non-existent QML-sources.  


Pixel Mapping related:

+ added grouping/sorting of PixelPushers by group/controller number.
+ added minimize/maximize panels of sensors in Pixel Mapping.
+ for pixel in matrix added to the hint new data: address of pixel (X,Y), group/controller of pixelpusher, index of pixel in PP strip.
+ FPS limitation to output for pixel mapping / data buffering.
+ after turn on/off matrix pixel rebuilding of a map elements.
+ the tool for turn on/off of pixels works now as a brush.
+ removing a map element from the matrix by mouse double click.
+ new parameter in PixelPusher strip settings "Custom start pixel".
* sometimes crashes when PixelPusher going to offline.
* output simultaneously for Pixel Mapping and Syphon.
* sometimes incorrectly displays the number of PixelPushers online


and other fixes and improvements.

Mapio 2.1.1 is ready

Friday, 06 June 2014 07:47

+ Spout support in beta status. It's working fine with one source of Spout. It will be fixed in the next update

+ QML sketches for content generation, with support GLSL and rich user interface and animations

+ As example of QML features added these sketches: RunningText, Outline animation, Wrapper for using GLSL shaders from, and others

+ additional OSC for sources list (opacity, volume, mute)


* sometimes Mapio process hanging after exiting

* problem with drag and drop of video/project files to work zone

* crash after remove slice if is enabled tool MASK/Bitmap

* problem with saving/restoring of Matrix sensor

* vertical flip of bitmap mask sometimes

* a rare crash on reordering of slices

* and others


Mapio 2 QML sketches render preview

Sunday, 01 June 2014 15:01



What is QML?

QML is a user interface specification and programming language. It allows developers and designers alike to create highly performant, fluidly animated and visually appealing applications. QML offers a highly readable, declarative, JSON-like syntax with support for imperative JavaScript expressions combined with dynamic property bindings.

QML applications

First steps


Today is the long-awaited release of the final version of Mapio PRO and a big update to version 2.1.
Release date moved forward four months but it was worth it. It gave me time to make a really great update.
Has been improved and redesigned almost everything. Not speaking about new functionality, everything was done to improve the stability and performance of existing functions.
Further a list of what has been done in this update:
Адрес 193318, г. Санкт-Петербург, Клочков переулок
Address Russia, Saint-Petersburg 193318, per. Klochkov
ИНН 701712406957
ОГРНИП 317784700137290
Расчетный счет 40802810403500003113
БИК 044525999
Kорр. счет 30101810845250000999

Mapio 2.0.3 update is ready

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 16:36

New version of MAPIO LITE/PRO v2.0.3 is available for download. It has got improvements and bug fixes:
* the Blend parameters is not restored - fixed
* crash on action "Project/New" in input mode
* crashes in Warp tool
* the player sometimes wrong seeking on the timeline
* the HighLight mode drawing (in FFGL mode too)
* volume control is not global now
* guide lines always on top now
* the selection behavior of slices
+ "Select all" action in the Edit menu and CTRL+A shortcut
+ "Always on top" options for output screen
^ updated ffmpeg engine to 2.1 version (with supporting h265 codec)

*(PRO) enable/disaple desktop for Multi-display settings.
+(PRO) the multi-display screen closing by double-click
+(PRO) "duration" parameter for the Image/Color/Capture sources

and some other fixes

Mapio 2.0.2 is out

Saturday, 28 September 2013 23:04

New version of Mapio 2 Lite (v2.0.2) is available for download. It has got new features, major improvements and bug fixes:

* Lock/unlock function for selected slices
* Equal IO for selected slices
* Start/Stop clip for selected slices
* Play progress bar for video sources
* Save and restore display position
* Saving warping elastic zone for slice
* Bezier support for perspective's slices
* Support non-Latin symbols
* 3D import setting for normals import; fix aspect ratio issue; sort imported slices by depth
* Solved some of the issues with playing videos
* UI improvements of the loop region editing
* Fixed crash on exit
* and other fixes and improvements.


We have also released Mapio 2 PRO, it is in "preview2" status, which means it has got so far 2 PRO features from what we are planning:
* Media-manager
* Multi-screen output


We will be publishing builds with every new PRO feature for "preview". Mapio 2 PRO will be ready for purchase as soon as we implement all PRO features, but if you are satisfied with the current Mapio 2 PRO and would like to buy it before the official release, please contact us.


Thank you all who contributed to the process, provided bug reports and feedback!

If you have any questions, problems or feedback feel free to contact us.



VisutionMapio v2.0.2 Lite 

VisutionMapio v2.0.2 Pro Preview2


MacOS X:

VisutionMapio v2.0.2 Lite

VisutionMapio v2.0.2 Pro Preview2

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