IR Cosmic Pack

A package of FFGL plug-ins (FreeFrame OpenGL). Suitable for such a VJ's application as Resolume Avenue. The implementation of plug-in is using the full power of modern graphics accelerators supporting OpenGL. This package includes 6 effects, which in various ways transfer 2D space of the video stream in the third dimension.


image01IR Array Of Boxes

- up to 64000 video textured boxes in a matrix up to 40x40x40 (maximum number of boxes - on NVidia 9800GT have ~ 20FPS). Has a video frame's buffer, which allows a certain way to select frames for display on boxes from the video stream. That allows to realize video effect "delay" as analog in sound processing. Total 21 control parameters.

image01IR Array Of Screens

- up to 125000 video textured translucent screens in the matrix up to 50x50x50. Has a frame's buffer for delay effect. Total 24 control parameters.

image02IR Array Of Voxels

- array up to 500x500x128 colored particles. Has a frame's buffer for delay effect. Total 20 control parameters.

image04IR Fontan Of Screens

- fountain of translucent screens the total number to 5000. There is a simulation of gravity and speed control, the spread of emission screens. Total 19 control parameters.

image03IR MultiSphere

- build nested spheres in different ways: the particles, lines, planes. May be translucent. Has a frame buffer. Total 19 control parameters.

image04IR Tunnel

- Just a tunnel, you can control the quality of approximation (from the triangle in cross section to the perfect circle), number of segments and rings. To set the position, rotation and other parameters. Has a frame's buffer for delay effect. Total 14 control parameters.


Here you can download IR Cosmic Pack fully functional, but before you purchase the product's license - plug-ins will work in demo mode, output will periodically go black.

If before installing on your PC was installed Resolume Avenue, then no manual configuration is needed, will be done automatically, just run the Avenue and use it.



1. All the requirements needed to run Resolume Avenue 3 for Windows or MAC OS X.
2. Graphics card supports OpenGL version 2.1 and later. This is NVidia GeForce 8xxx and better and ATI Radeon HD 2xxx, HD 3xxx, HD 4xxx, HD 5xxx and later. 

For really interesting results requires powerful graphics card. Recommended graphics card NVidia GeForce 8400M GT and better, 9400M G and better. And a similar performance from ATI. For best results we recommend a video card with memory bus width at least 128 bits and 512MB or more video memory.

Check your card in Comparison of AMD graphics processing units or Comparison of Nvidia graphics processing units.

If you're unsure about the definition of your video card or its performance just try the demo version before buying.