Monday, 28 February 2011 03:07

IRMapio - 1.1

I am excited to announce our IR Mapio 1.1 update that supports masks and multiple instances. Now it’s possible to draw and edit masks right in the Mapio editor with the ongoing control over the output.

Below is the list of new features and improvements:

  1. The update lets you draw and edit masks as polygons and ellipses right in Mapio. You can use the ESC key to cancel the last point. Besides, you can finalize a polygon with a double-click, and delete a polygon point with a double-click during editing.
  2. Support for more than one FFGL plug-in instance in the host application.
  3. In the Edit mode, the mouse cursor from Mapio is displayed right in the output video stream. This lets you stay focused on the projector picture, rather than look at the computer screen.
  4. Separate Effects panel for quick editing and switching between effects.
  5. Workspace zoom-in/out that lets you insert area knots with pinpoint precision.
  6. New buttons for rotating areas. Areas in the editor can help you see where the top and bottom of the stream will be. The bottom edge of the video stream corresponds to a thick line.
  7. FFGL plug-in has a new parameter to enable (disable) the grid in the Edit mode.
  8. New to the update is a special grip to move an area as a whole.
  9. Now you can disable the Snap mode by pressing the ALT key (formerly CTRL). However the mode for dragging several knots simultaneously is disabled by pressing the CTRL key as before.

So, as I have informed you lately, the price has grown up to 77 Euro.

Version 1.2 is scheduled for release in May-June 2011. That release will deliver a new feature called Blending, plus a range of other enhancements. After the release of version 1.2, the cost of the product is expected to grow. Keep this in mind and do not delay the purchase.


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