Saturday, 09 August 2014 15:45

Mapio 2.1.2 is ready



+ reworked import 3D files. OpenCollada was replaced by the FBX SDK. Now supported FBX and Collada.
+ added support OSC for QML sketches.
+ added new QML sketch: Youtube viewer.
* Problems with drag&drop (mac)
* not adding a file extension when saving the project.
* sometimes disappear parameters mask
* a bitmap masks tool apply only for the current slice (for "Only the Current" mode)
* not showing QML errors at first time loading.
* added report error if failed to save/load the project (for example, in case of the denial of access)
* fixed crash on adding capture device ("[internal]" versions)
* fixed crash on loading a project with non-existent QML-sources.  


Pixel Mapping related:

+ added grouping/sorting of PixelPushers by group/controller number.
+ added minimize/maximize panels of sensors in Pixel Mapping.
+ for pixel in matrix added to the hint new data: address of pixel (X,Y), group/controller of pixelpusher, index of pixel in PP strip.
+ FPS limitation to output for pixel mapping / data buffering.
+ after turn on/off matrix pixel rebuilding of a map elements.
+ the tool for turn on/off of pixels works now as a brush.
+ removing a map element from the matrix by mouse double click.
+ new parameter in PixelPusher strip settings "Custom start pixel".
* sometimes crashes when PixelPusher going to offline.
* output simultaneously for Pixel Mapping and Syphon.
* sometimes incorrectly displays the number of PixelPushers online


and other fixes and improvements.

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