Friday, 07 November 2014 12:24

Mapio 2.1.4 is ready

+added command-line parameter for auto-open full-screen output. Suitable for the systems with one display.
+added saving of the state of "The Show" mode.
*fixed a problem in the licensing system (not accepted a valid key) which is relevant on some platforms/cpu.
*version check when loading a project of the newer Mapio versions.
*fixed saving/loading of the settings of ARTNET devices  for pixel-mapping feature.
*fixed blinking after manual switching of the clip with non zero fade-in.
*fixed wrong work of a media items fade-in with zero duration. (for sources: Image, live streams)
*fixed behavior of change and remove ImageSource.
*fixed work of commands "next", "prev" clip in playlist via OSC.
*fixed the strange behavior dragging the mask points in some cases.
*fixed the wrong marking as "not saved" just loaded project.
*fixed url in QML sketch heroku->glslsandbox
*fixed crash on auto-loading project with display.
*fixed the rare black images after auto-loading of the project.
*Now, do not save a backup file on an unmodified project.
*fixed the scanning for auto-pixel-mapping.
*fixed vertical flip of the frame webcam capture in some cases.

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