Thursday, 03 March 2016 09:31

MAPIO 2.2.4 update is ready



New feature: Saving/loading of presets for sensors.

New feature: new context menu for sensor’s LED points with functions for unbinding and rebinding of devices.

New feature: saving the collapsed/expanded state of the sensor in the pixel-mapping window.

Was optimized a communication with PixelPusher.

Was decreased CPU load when using auto-sensor.

Fixed highlighting of LED in auto-sensor map when mouse over a point.


QML sketches

New feature: Added a parameter "Randomize" for the QML sketch "InstaFeed"

A more accurate rendering of the QML sketches, animation has become more smooth.

Added new items into selector of QML render resolutions.

Fixed a working after saving a QML sketch into user's folder.

Fixed stop QML InstaFeed when the transition is set to "Off".

Fixed crash QML sketches when entering a text.

Fixed stopping of all QML sketches in the project when the first sketch is stopped or removed.



New feature: A window to lookup of the missing video files when loading the project.

New feature: grouping of selected elements by CTRL/CMD+G key.

New feature: new tool button to initialize default vector mask.

FFmpeg was updated to release 3.0 "Einstein" version.

Changed the behavior of selecting slices. Now the multi-selection with SHIFT and CTRL keys is close to a standard behavior.

Added resetting of the selection by click on the free area below list of slices or by double click on a slice.

Fixed crash when dropping an element into himself tree.

Fixed rare crash when adding an inverted mask.

Changed the parameters of the position of groups and sensors from normalized to non-normalized.

Fixed shaking the panel of buttons in Input/Mask mode.

Update information about SolidColor source in a playlist when the color changed.

Fixed a behavior of the Enter key (in edit boxes).

Fixed moving of slices when multiple points are selected.

Fixed UI freezing sometimes when moving slice's points (Windows).

Fixed the behavior bezier curves of slices inside a group when this group is transformed.

Fixed copy&past for Kinect’s group.

Fixed loading of a solid color source.

Fixed a position of a video TimeLine popup window (in one rare case).

Fixed a crash when reloading the project.

Fixed a rare case when medias are not auto-started after Mapio is launched with an auto-loaded project.

Some minor fixes in color styling.


and other fixes, performance improvements, and UI cosmetic changes


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