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Sunday, 13 March 2016 13:02

MAPIO 2.2.5 hotfixes

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* fixed an output disappearing in multi-display (Mac OS X only).
* fixed crash when changing of a width of a sensor matrix.
* fixed rendering of a blending pattern. A blending width in percent now.
* fixed a size of Display window after full-screen in Multi-display mode.
* fixed a mouse interaction with elements when using a non-standard aspect ratio of the canvas.
* fixed moving by keys of mask's points.
* fixed a sensitive point of a vector masks when the aspect ratio of the canvas isn't standard.
* fixed some issues in mouse snapping behavior.
* fixed opening by F8 key of the Media-Manager window when it minimized.
* increased the position shift of the new mask after copy&paste it.
* prevent freezing of Mapio under MacOS >= 10.10
* changed colors in highlight slice mode
* added a default GLSL for Sandbox QML sketch

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