Mapio 2.2.9 and 2.3 Beta is coming soon

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 17:44

We have two news for You.

First, Mapio has been updated to version 2.2.9.
Changelog here.


Second, very soon will be available Mapio 2.3 Beta. These are some of the new features: synchronized video playback local and across multiple machines in a network; Customized Keyboard and MIDI control; Snapshots of mapping configuration; Audio files support; Free-form sensor based on lines and bezier curves (for pixel-mapping); Mixer with crossfader; NDI support; Kinect 2 support.


At the moment, will be available Windows version only. There is a desire at all stop supporting macOS platform.Unfortunately, we do not have enough resources to provide proper quality on both platforms. What do you think? Please vote here, it will help us make the right decision.

MAPIO 2.2.8 update!

Friday, 16 September 2016 23:00
Common changes (Pixel-Mapping changes see below)
+ Added the OSC command "jump" for movies.
+ Snapping of an anchor in the tool "Transform" and added a fast selector for an anchor position.
+ Added features to move slice's points by dragging edges.
+ Set the Destination to "None" by key Shift+F5
+ New tuning value in Performance window - preferred number of video decoder threads for each file.
+ New appearance the selected points of slices.
* Fixed the crash related to AMD/ATI on starting for x32 version of Mapio.
* Fixed the quick stumble on playback which sometimes happened after the jump on the timeline.
* Fixed the periodic fast increase of the processor's load which leads to freezing for a few seconds when playing a few clips simultaneously.
* Some improvement for better playback in a low-performance state.
* Fixed the broken edge-blending in some cases.
* Fixed a performance drop of the canvas rendering when displaying the slice's labels and for other cases.
* Fixed scrolling the canvas with CTRL + Arrows keys. Changed some shortcuts in the edit menu.
* Fixed the mouse cursor flashing on the canvas.
* Fixed wrong position of the context menu (and others popup windows) in QML UI window.
* Fixed a possible error in a project that could lead to the loss of pixel-mapping settings after the saving/loading the project.
* Fixed the crash on loading project with lost files when Mapio launching by double-click on the project file.
* Fixed some issues related to macOS (better work on background, no drop performance and freeze)
* Fixed the group's deleting with all levels of inner elements.
* Disable Play/Stop all media in the main menu for FFGL mode.
* Set the Nvidia profile property "Multi-thread optimization" to Off (can solve performance drop for Spout).
* Fixed displaying of GPU info for unsupported cards (Intel, some AMD cards)
* Modified the icon GPU/CPU codec in clip's info.
* Fixed the links in the text of About window. Retina support for the logo in About window.
* Some fixes for memory and resources leaks.
* Fixed the pinch gesture on the touchpad to zoom canvas (macOS).
* Up Qt to 5.6.1 version
* Up FFmpeg to 3.1.3 version
* UI cosmetics.
* And other fixes and improvements.

+ Added ArtNet multi-universe nodes.
+ Added the feature to rescanning ethernet adapters list.
+ Added buttons to change cell size of the sensor matrix.
* Improvement of ArtNet discovery.
* Fixed context menu in pixels matrix editor.
* Fixed the crash after decrease size of the matrix.
* Fixed zoom on macOS in the auto-sensor editor.
* Improvement performance and appearance of pixel-mapping UI.

MAPIO 2.2.7 hotfixes

Sunday, 26 June 2016 16:48
+ PixelMapping: added FPS control which is separate from the render FPS.
* PixelMapping ArtNet-DMX: fixed bugs after loading the project in other Ethernet settings.
* Fixed wrong color converting for some YUV color space video files with a non-standard resolution of a frame.
* Fixed rare bug in loading of a preview of a video.
* Fixed rare bug in restoring the audio volume of videos.
* Improvement of stability of auto-starting videos after loading of a project.
* Fixed the crash on the Enter key when slice's name editing (in plug-in mode)
* Fix InstaFeed for new Instagram API and rules (now you can work with your own clientId in sandbox mode only)

MAPIO 2.2.6 hotfixes

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 13:05
* updated FFmpeg to 3.0.1
* now in the "Once" mode playing a video is paused on the last frame.
* fixed the behavior of pause/unpause when a clip fading.
* MAC: fixed issues related to a sound.
* fixed the single resync a/v after a few second from a begin of playing.
* more accurate timing between the last frame and the first frame in the loop.
* now always starts to play by double-clicking on a clip in a playlist.
* fixed crashes and wrong behavior after saving the project with "SolidColor" in a playlist.
* added "no-cache" option for network sources.
* Windows: some style tuning for HiDPI displays.

MAPIO 2.2.5 hotfixes

Sunday, 13 March 2016 13:02

* fixed an output disappearing in multi-display (Mac OS X only).
* fixed crash when changing of a width of a sensor matrix.
* fixed rendering of a blending pattern. A blending width in percent now.
* fixed a size of Display window after full-screen in Multi-display mode.
* fixed a mouse interaction with elements when using a non-standard aspect ratio of the canvas.
* fixed moving by keys of mask's points.
* fixed a sensitive point of a vector masks when the aspect ratio of the canvas isn't standard.
* fixed some issues in mouse snapping behavior.
* fixed opening by F8 key of the Media-Manager window when it minimized.
* increased the position shift of the new mask after copy&paste it.
* prevent freezing of Mapio under MacOS >= 10.10
* changed colors in highlight slice mode
* added a default GLSL for Sandbox QML sketch

MAPIO 2.2.4 update is ready

Thursday, 03 March 2016 09:31



New feature: Saving/loading of presets for sensors.

New feature: new context menu for sensor’s LED points with functions for unbinding and rebinding of devices.

New feature: saving the collapsed/expanded state of the sensor in the pixel-mapping window.

Was optimized a communication with PixelPusher.

Was decreased CPU load when using auto-sensor.

Fixed highlighting of LED in auto-sensor map when mouse over a point.


QML sketches

New feature: Added a parameter "Randomize" for the QML sketch "InstaFeed"

A more accurate rendering of the QML sketches, animation has become more smooth.

Added new items into selector of QML render resolutions.

Fixed a working after saving a QML sketch into user's folder.

Fixed stop QML InstaFeed when the transition is set to "Off".

Fixed crash QML sketches when entering a text.

Fixed stopping of all QML sketches in the project when the first sketch is stopped or removed.



New feature: A window to lookup of the missing video files when loading the project.

New feature: grouping of selected elements by CTRL/CMD+G key.

New feature: new tool button to initialize default vector mask.

FFmpeg was updated to release 3.0 "Einstein" version.

Changed the behavior of selecting slices. Now the multi-selection with SHIFT and CTRL keys is close to a standard behavior.

Added resetting of the selection by click on the free area below list of slices or by double click on a slice.

Fixed crash when dropping an element into himself tree.

Fixed rare crash when adding an inverted mask.

Changed the parameters of the position of groups and sensors from normalized to non-normalized.

Fixed shaking the panel of buttons in Input/Mask mode.

Update information about SolidColor source in a playlist when the color changed.

Fixed a behavior of the Enter key (in edit boxes).

Fixed moving of slices when multiple points are selected.

Fixed UI freezing sometimes when moving slice's points (Windows).

Fixed the behavior bezier curves of slices inside a group when this group is transformed.

Fixed copy&past for Kinect’s group.

Fixed loading of a solid color source.

Fixed a position of a video TimeLine popup window (in one rare case).

Fixed a crash when reloading the project.

Fixed a rare case when medias are not auto-started after Mapio is launched with an auto-loaded project.

Some minor fixes in color styling.


and other fixes, performance improvements, and UI cosmetic changes


Mapio 2.2.3 is out

Sunday, 27 December 2015 22:02

+ 64 bit version for Windows. 32 bit version available too
+ new modern video engine based on FFmpeg
+ hardware video decoding h264, h265, VC1, WMV, MPEG2, VP9 (depend on GPU model and OS)
+ HAP codec, hardware accelerated
+ DXV codec, hardware accelerated (normal quality only)
+ feedback window in menu "Help". You can make a quick bug-reports with logs and system configuration
+ the native settings for Decklink capture devices for Windows OS
+ registration FFGL in Resolume Arena 5
+ play/pause all media by Enter/CTRL+Enter (important for Lite version)
+ Nvidia/AMD GPU load percent in the statistic window
+ force using dedicated GPU (Nvidia + Windows)
+ disable power management in Nvidia profile (Windows)
+ now to configure DX9/DX11 for the Spout use the tool SpoutDirectX
+ support for multi-touch pad - pan the canvas by two fingers (especially actual for MacBook)
+ in the dialog of the output resolution was added multiplier values
+ save and restore position of the Media Manager window (Pro)
+ now the playing mode for playlists is "CONTINUE" as default (Pro)
* loading identical images and videos as independent sources
* fixed bitmap masks copying
* fixed vector masks splitting

and other fixes, performance improvements and UI cosmetic changes

Mapio 2.2.2 is ready

Sunday, 05 July 2015 14:13
+ New QML sketch "InstaFeed" - Instagram photos feed by tag.
+ PixelPusher new feature: selection way of devices identification (MAC, IP, Group/Controller number)
* Pixel-mapping: fixed the DMX packet sending per each fixtures thus ethernet traffic decreased.
* The order of ArtNET devices list after saving/loading is permanent now.
* Fixed a memory leaks.
* Improved performance when several QML sources work concurrently.
* Prevent screensaver for Windows.
* Fixed receiving OSC in a bundle mode.

and other fixes and improvements.

Update Mapio to 2.2.1

Thursday, 14 May 2015 12:48
+ New feature "Quick positioning" in the input/output parameters of slices.
+ New absolute mode for vector mask.
+ New tab with properties in the QML editor.
+ New "Zoom" parameter for SlideShow sketch.
+ Added saving a QML files to users' documents.
+ Added "Open youtube" into the "Help" menu.
+ Added captions to GUI blocks. And common tuning of GUI style.
* Renamed the tool "Edit" to "Vector" for mask mode.
* Improved default chessboard image (added orientations markers).
* Disabled AppNap by default for Mapio application on MAC OS X (AppNap is feature for suspension of the invisible background applications).
* Fixed behavior after failed load/losing a movie file. Added message about the error of loading .
* Fixed a crash in Pixel-mapping when used USB DMX devices.
* Fixed screen capture issue in some cases
* Fixed placing of the first point for new vector mask (now you can start enter points of the mask in any places, but not only inside slices)
* Fixed a minor issue with embedded patterns.
* Fixed behavior of FadeIn/FadeOut features. Removed the duration parameter for movies.
* Fixed selection of slices by button in playlist.
* VLC updated to 2.2.1 for windows version.
and other fixes and improvements.

Mapio 2.2.0 is ready

Monday, 23 March 2015 06:32

I am pleased to present You update 2.2.0. This release contains not so many new features, as planned, because all of my attention has been focused at improving the stability, performance and usability.


This release contains a wealth of fixes, tweaks and improvements. These are the most notable changes:

+ the new slice explorer: grouping, drag&drop moving, show/hide in the output or/and in the editor, multi-select, arbitrary slice name.
+ support for serial port devices for pixel-mapping purposes (useful for Arduino devices).
+ the new QML sketches: ShaderToy, Analog/Digital clock, ColorGrid, Text, Web-browser, Slideshow, TweetFeed
+ сompletely reworked Art-Net subsystem. Now Mapio supports Art-Net II/III specs with unicast/multicast/broadcast addressing which means Mapio is ready for large-scale installations.
+ new performance settings: On/Off anti-aliasing, quality of bezier curves (for masks), on/off vsync wait, on/off masks caching.
+ the new panel with performance statistics (PRO version).
+ the window with a complete list of OSC addresses that are using at the moment.
+ Spout 2.0 support.
+ the new application "Observer" for monitoring and automation of MAPIO start up/restart routine (PRO version).
+ an actual decoding FPS for movies.
+ MediaManager improvements.
+ QML editor improvements.
+ the "highlight edge" feature is now disabled for "The Show" mode.
+ aspect ratio of the Input canvas is equal to the aspect ratio of the current source.
+ Aspect ratio of the "Transform" tool can be saved with Shift key pressed.
+ the menu item "Save" to save the project without prompting a file name (previously it worked like "Save as..." only).
+ new button for fitting a bitmap mask to current slice(only applicable to input map).
+ tuned of the color schemes and added new color scheme called "Brown".
+ command-line parameter "--vlc-params" for VLC core.

* updated VLC to 2.2.0 version.
* fixed problem with Enttec DMX Pro devices.
* fixed some problems in the automatic pixel-mapping process.
* fixed problems with OSC.
* fixed problems related to the undo function.
* fixed a click sound appeared during a movie loading.


And do not miss the new HOWTO video: 3 ways of warping in MAPIO

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