MAPIO 2 Lite Beta is now available

Thursday, 01 August 2013 16:36

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We are happy to announce the result of our extensive work on a new version of our mapping software – MAPIO 2! It is created almost from the scratch with intention to make your experience comfortable and easy while reaching the best results.

Below you can find a list of new features, licensing options and other news.

MAPIO 2 will be available in two versions - Lite and Pro. MAPIO 2 Pro version will be available this autumn.

Visution Mapio updated to 1.6.1

Friday, 02 November 2012 16:54

The update contains several fixes:

* Fixed flashing of the workarea in MapioEditor, which appears on some videocards.

* Fixed drawing of image mask in MapioEditor (also relevant for some videocards).

* Fixed process of installation and registration Mapio plug-in for Mac OS 10.8.X.

Welcome to Download

I’m pleased to announce that a new developer has joined this project and we have decided to change the name of the company to Visution - a solution for your vision. IR Mapio will now be referred to as Visution Mapio with the release of version 1.6. Check update details below the text.


We are also working on a couple of new products, more news to come soon.

IR Mapio 1.5 final release

Friday, 16 March 2012 17:28


+ Improved effect "Density of grid". Added option "Perspective correction".

* Fixed crash in some cases of the undo function.

* Fixed a bug associated with the removal of the mask image.

* Fixed a bug in zoom shortcut keys (+/-).

* Fixed saving and restoring settings of editor.

+ added the cursor for Input mode. 


IR Mapio update 1.5 beta2 + CosmicPack update

Saturday, 24 December 2011 13:36

Mapio changes: some bugfixes + added the initializer of the radial grid.


CosmicPack changes: Support of Resolume Avenue/Arena 4


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

IR Mapio update to 1.5 beta1

Wednesday, 14 December 2011 19:59


+ Not restricted history for undo\redo changes.

+ Support triangular areas.

+ New fx - set masks for each areas by user loaded images.

+ New fx - color corrections with control for opacity, saturation, contrast, bright, gamma (common and RGB separately), black/white level.

+ Full support of editing areas by keyboard with support of the multi-selection.

+ New tools: reorder area to up/down, copy area configuration from opposite mode, lock of mouse moving by X/Y.

+ New settings item: canvas background image. And now all items settings are stored with the project file.

* Improved 'Edge Blending' effect for more accuracy of blending. And added "Geometry ignore" option.

* For all vector's masks added "smooth" option.

* By right click on slider to reset him to default value.

* For Resolume Avenue 4 ready.

And more bugs fixed and common improvements.

All hotkeys and hints of control you can see by F1 key.


IR Mapio updated to 1.2.4

Tuesday, 09 August 2011 13:20

*Crash on shutdown of Resolume Avenue and on change a composition is really fixed.

*Fixed - initialization of Maipo's configuration on load a composition(if "Edit mode" is disable).

IR Mapio updated to 1.2.3

Sunday, 07 August 2011 08:27


* Fixed crash on shutdown of Resolume Avenue and on change a composition.
+ Added check for equality of versions of the FX's module and Mapio editor.

PS: you have already seen the new tutorial? - IR Mapio edge blending tutorial

EDITED: Sorry guys, the release does not solve the problem with crash in use case of multiple mapio in the composition.This crash will be fixed as soon as possible! While use version 1.2.2.

IR Mapio 1.2.1

Wednesday, 06 July 2011 02:52


  • Fixed: jumps when you press any key modifier after start dragging of a vertex or edge.
  • Fixed[MAC OS]: add the file suffix when save a project.
  • Fixed[MAC OS]: work blue area's sliders.
  • Fixed: editing of "Density of grid" fx using the mouse wheel.
  • Changed: more accuracy for the function of mixing in the "Edge blending" fx.
  • Changed: the function of combining a inverted mask.
  • Added: gamma correction for each areas for the Edge blending fx.
  • Added: open the hotkey window by F1, close by ESC.


IR Mapio 1.2

Thursday, 16 June 2011 11:11


Changes in version 1.2


New effects

“Edge blending” - Tip: The Auto input overlapping mode allows you to place input areas edge-to-edge without overlapping. Make sure that blending areas (marked by red rectangles) do not go beyond the working zone; otherwise you will get black bars in the output.
“Density of grid” – This is the editor of vertical or horizontal frequency of nodes in the grid. Tip – Use the CTRL key to enable the drawing mode and to change the value in the current block with the mouse wheel. Density of grid
Curvature of edges by Bezier curves -  look at the picture, everything is just simple. vmorph


Improved effects

  • Masks – Now it is possible to move the entire mask as a whole, as well as a facet separately. Also you can insert a new vertex by double-clicking a facet. These improvements are related only to polygon masks. Manipulations with ellipse masks remain unchanged.


New features

  • Lock areas from accidental changes. hotkey "L".
  • Switch between areas quickly using hotkeys "1-9", "0".
  • Solo Edit mode lets you disable snapping of nodes and area facets.
  • Resize the current area relative to the center by clicking PageUp / PageDown.
  • New option to show vertical and horizontal guide lines which divide the working zone to 2 and/or 3 parts.
  • Added the snap-in effect to the corners of the working zone and to the guide lines.
  • New About dialog in which you can activate the License key, see the version and other information. A separate application called "Mapio Activation" has been removed.


Other changes

  • Switch between areas (select the current area) by double-clicking, earlier it was possible on a single mouse click.
  • Now zoom can be less than 100%. Also a new option called "Allow to drag outside" is added to Settings. It allows you to move area nodes outside the working zone.
  • Now, the geometry of the input area is described by 4 points, so more configurations are possible, not only rectangular ones. To allow the input of nonrectangular areas, put a tick into the checkbox in the settings for the “Allow nonrectangular input” item.
  • “My documents” is set as the initial folder for the "load \ save to" functions.
  • New options in Mapio FX - enable \ disable the cursor and "Only output" - to disable automatic switching of display modes (input \ output).

Many bugs have been fixed. Some elements of the interface have been enhanced.

About support of VDMX5 (beta8) – I have fixed bugs in the demo mode on VDMX5beta, but the overall testing is still in progress. I would be glad if you try Mapio on the latest version of VDMX5 and report bugs. So, support of VDMX b8 is now in beta status. I would like to thank the VDMX5 team for support and for implementation of the functionality for Mapio.

New price is 149 Euros (not including VAT for Eurozone)

(2 and more licenses for 125 EUR per unit)

Academic license with a 50% discount is also available, please contact me

IR Mapio download - WindowsMac OS X

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