Thursday, 04 October 2012 10:32

IR Workshop evolves into Visution and Mapio 1.6 update

I’m pleased to announce that a new developer has joined this project and we have decided to change the name of the company to Visution - a solution for your vision. IR Mapio will now be referred to as Visution Mapio with the release of version 1.6. Check update details below the text.


We are also working on a couple of new products, more news to come soon.



Changes in version 1.6


  • IRworkshop is now Visution, IR Mapio is now Visution Mapio, and a new design for the application icon.
  • The maximum number of Areas has greatly increased from 64 to 1024 !
  • Adjustment grids for blending edges have been added. Pattern selector on the Input settings tab.
  • Border setup mode. The Refine edge item in the Settings menu.
  • Bypass mode for effects.
  • New option to hide an area. On the Output settings tab.
  • Mac: Automatic installation of Mapio to /Library/Graphics/FreeFrame Plug-Ins for VDMX5.
  • Alpha channel support has been added to the Image Mask effect. Also it has become possible to select Luma or Alpha channel for masking.
  • Mouse cursor has changed to display the current mode in the workspace.
  • A new menu item denoted as “?” has been added to show all hotkeys. Previous hotkeys can still be viewed by the F1 key.


  • White level correction in the Color correction effect has been fixed.
  • Initialization of the Solo edit menu item has been fixed.


This new 1.6 version does not over-write the previous version and it can also work simultaneously with the older version. Version 1.6 is displayed as Visution Mapio, and the older version is still displayed as IR Mapio. Note: the older version of IR Mapio can be removed manually; Go to Avenue menu, select Preferences, then Video tab and under FFGL Plugin Directories, remove appropriate version.


VDMX5 & Visution Mapio

Because of the peculiarities of VDMX work with FFGL effects (“Instance key” does not change), it’s impossible to add the second instance of the effect. To bypass this problem (we hope it is temporary), you must manually change the “Instance key” to the original value for each added instance of Visution Mapio. About "Instance key" to read FAQ.

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  • Comment Link tschoepler Tuesday, 09 October 2012 22:13 posted by tschoepler

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the improvements. Sad but true: I can't try it out. I updated to 1.6 but it seems Arena 4.1.2 is unable to list it in the effects panel. I checked fx paths and tried it in /applications/resolume arena/plugins/vfx. No luck. Any idea?

  • Comment Link Ivan Ryaboff Wednesday, 10 October 2012 07:50 posted by Ivan Ryaboff

    Please, read the FAQ ! )) -

    Was Resolume currently running during the Visution Mapio installation ? If so, close the application and re-install Visution Mapio. If that was not the problem, you can register the Visution Mapio plugin manually in Resolume: Go to the ‘Avenue’ menu, select ‘Preferences’, select ‘Video’ tab, and add (click on ‘ + button’) the directory path of Visution Mapio under the ‘FreeFrame (FFGL) Plugin Directories’ (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Visution\Mapio)’. Note: Do not move this Visution Mapio folder to another location on your computer, otherwise future updates will not work.

  • Comment Link Tschoepler Thursday, 11 October 2012 12:10 posted by Tschoepler

    Ah, my fault I didn't mention it: I did all the things that are listed in the FAQs … even restarted the machine after install (and tried putting the mapio.dll into locations, as I mentioned). IR Mapio shows up just fine. Have you tried Mapio with the latest release of Arena 4.1.2, because that is what I am running on a MBP Retina, OS X 10.8.2

  • Comment Link Ivan Ryaboff Wednesday, 17 October 2012 06:51 posted by Ivan Ryaboff

    There are problems in the installer for Mac OS 10.8. If you manually add the path (/Applications/Mapio) in the Resolume preferences. And also manually launch and close Mapio editor. Then after restart Resolume - Mapio should work. Or wait for the update 1.6.1.

  • Comment Link Nexus Friday, 09 November 2012 19:30 posted by Nexus

    should be as visution in the fx not as irmapio, look again!