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  • Visution MAPIO 2

    Visution Mapio is a powerful solution for creating projection shows. Now you can work not only with the standard screen, but also with any inclines, including cylindrical and spherical and various shapes. Unlimited slices will allow you to separate videos to cover any space. You can use multiple projectors to organize panoramic and 3D scenes.


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Latest news

  • Mapio 2.1.1 is ready Written on Friday, 06 June 2014 07:47

    + Spout support in beta status. It's working fine with one source of Spout. It will be fixed in the next update

    + QML sketches for content generation, with support GLSL and rich user interface and animations

    + As example of QML features added these sketches: RunningText, Outline animation, Wrapper for using GLSL shaders from glsl.heroku.com, and others

    + additional OSC for sources list (opacity, volume, mute)


    * sometimes Mapio process hanging after exiting

    * problem with drag and drop of video/project files to work zone

    * crash after remove slice if is enabled tool MASK/Bitmap

    * problem with saving/restoring of Matrix sensor

    * vertical flip of bitmap mask sometimes

    * a rare crash on reordering of slices

    * and others


  • Mapio 2.1 update and final PRO version release Written on Wednesday, 30 April 2014 10:40
    Today is the long-awaited release of the final version of Mapio PRO and a big update to version 2.1.
    Release date moved forward four months but it was worth it. It gave me time to make a really great update.
    Has been improved and redesigned almost everything. Not speaking about new functionality, everything was done to improve the stability and performance of existing functions.
    Further a list of what has been done in this update:

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