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  • Visution MAPIO 2

    Visution Mapio is a powerful solution for creating projection shows. Now you can work not only with the standard screen, but also with any inclines, including cylindrical and spherical and various shapes. Unlimited slices will allow you to separate videos to cover any space. You can use multiple projectors to organize panoramic and 3D scenes.


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Latest news

  • Hotfix 2.1.5 is available Written on Sunday, 16 November 2014 13:10

    New version Mapio 2.1.5 with hotfix for OSC functionality is ready for downloading.

  • Mapio 2.1.4 is ready Written on Friday, 07 November 2014 12:24

    +added command-line parameter for auto-open full-screen output. Suitable for the systems with one display.
    +added saving of the state of "The Show" mode.
    *fixed a problem in the licensing system (not accepted a valid key) which is relevant on some platforms/cpu.
    *version check when loading a project of the newer Mapio versions.
    *fixed saving/loading of the settings of ARTNET devices  for pixel-mapping feature.
    *fixed blinking after manual switching of the clip with non zero fade-in.
    *fixed wrong work of a media items fade-in with zero duration. (for sources: Image, live streams)
    *fixed behavior of change and remove ImageSource.
    *fixed work of commands "next", "prev" clip in playlist via OSC.
    *fixed the strange behavior dragging the mask points in some cases.
    *fixed the wrong marking as "not saved" just loaded project.
    *fixed url in QML sketch heroku->glslsandbox
    *fixed crash on auto-loading project with display.
    *fixed the rare black images after auto-loading of the project.
    *Now, do not save a backup file on an unmodified project.
    *fixed the scanning for auto-pixel-mapping.
    *fixed vertical flip of the frame webcam capture in some cases.

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