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  • Visution MAPIO 2

    Visution Mapio is a powerful solution for creating projection shows. Now you can work not only with the standard screen, but also with any inclines, including cylindrical and spherical and various shapes. Unlimited slices will allow you to separate videos to cover any space. You can use multiple projectors to organize panoramic and 3D scenes.






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  • Mapio 2.3.0 huge update released Written on Monday, 22 January 2018 21:28

    Hi all!

    After a long (or, rather, far too long) period of beta testing, we are happy to introduce you our new 2.3.0 release. It contains a bunch of new features, important changes, and improvements, so we´d better name it the new major 3.0 versionHowever, we value our users. Especially as for the 3.0 version we have planned even more awesome changes. That’s why this is the 2.3.0 version.


    Crucially, this release includes full documentation for the software both in English and in Russian. It has so badly lacked it since the first releases!


    Unfortunately, the new version is released for Windows platform only. We had to focus on one platform to be able to provide the highest quality product. Furthermore, the news on Apple’s professional hardware haven’t been optimistic in recent years, and this became an extra push to stop supporting macOS platform (probably, temporarily).


    Before long we are going to share several video clips to conveniently show you all the new features. Stay tuned!


    Highlights of the 2.3.0 version:

    • Network support — MAPIO can run as a single synchronized and distributed video/audio system on tens of machines (PRO)
    • Snapshots — fast choice of slice geometry and parameters
    • New UI to assign control by Keyboard, MIDI, OSC
    • "MediaManager" has been reworked to a "Console" that contains Decks for playing and Mixer for video mixing(PRO)
    • Mixer and Deck have got some automation and quick keyboard/midi control(PRO)
    • Video/Audio playing is now possible in two or more Decks with "Frame-to-Frame" synchronization(PRO)
    • Audio files support(PRO)
    • Dynamic playlist — change your playlist file externally, and MAPIO will automatically reload this playlist on-the-fly(PRO)
    • New vector/curves-based sensor for the pixel-mapping feature(PRO)
    • Art-Net auto-grouping of universes for pixel-mapping devices(PRO)
    • Brand new WARP tool: saving of all steps of warping operations for independent editing
    • NDI and Kinect 2 support
    • Full-screen mode for QML UI window has been added
    • Preset feature for QML sketches
    • New QML sketch “Pattern generator” to facilitate blending and warping
    • Supports sending and receiving of OSC in QML sketches (this feature is useful for controlling other MAPIO features)
    • FFGL 64-bit support
    • Shows information about a movie file in MediaInfo format
    • Full User manual, finally
    • Auto-update via MAPIO Observer (PRO)
    • And hundreds of other fixes and improvements!


  • MAPIO for Linux Written on Tuesday, 15 August 2017 14:22

    Hi everyone! 

    It's a long time that I haven't posted anything here. I’m still working on the documentation for the 2.3.0. release. However, I stopped for a while and built Mapio 2 Pro for Linux. For Ubuntu x64, to be more accurate. 
    For now, it’s an Alpha release since I didn’t any testing on different distros, nor there is any installer – and these are the challenges. The opportunities are the following: Mapio for Linux is free for non-commercial use, there are no limitations in the program (no watermarks). 


    I will highly appreciate your efforts to launch this on your distros and, of course, your feedback.


    Please, download here: https://tr.im/1Sb2Z.


    Regards, Ivan.

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