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  • Visution MAPIO 2

    Visution Mapio is a powerful solution for creating projection shows. Now you can work not only with the standard screen, but also with any inclines, including cylindrical and spherical and various shapes. Unlimited slices will allow you to separate videos to cover any space. You can use multiple projectors to organize panoramic and 3D scenes.






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Latest news

  • MAPIO 2.2.6 hotfixes Written on Wednesday, 20 April 2016 13:05
    * updated FFmpeg to 3.0.1
    * now in the "Once" mode playing a video is paused on the last frame.
    * fixed the behavior of pause/unpause when a clip fading.
    * MAC: fixed issues related to a sound.
    * fixed the single resync a/v after a few second from a begin of playing.
    * more accurate timing between the last frame and the first frame in the loop.
    * now always starts to play by double-clicking on a clip in a playlist.
    * fixed crashes and wrong behavior after saving the project with "SolidColor" in a playlist.
    * added "no-cache" option for network sources.
    * Windows: some style tuning for HiDPI displays.
  • MAPIO 2.2.5 hotfixes Written on Sunday, 13 March 2016 13:02

    * fixed an output disappearing in multi-display (Mac OS X only).
    * fixed crash when changing of a width of a sensor matrix.
    * fixed rendering of a blending pattern. A blending width in percent now.
    * fixed a size of Display window after full-screen in Multi-display mode.
    * fixed a mouse interaction with elements when using a non-standard aspect ratio of the canvas.
    * fixed moving by keys of mask's points.
    * fixed a sensitive point of a vector masks when the aspect ratio of the canvas isn't standard.
    * fixed some issues in mouse snapping behavior.
    * fixed opening by F8 key of the Media-Manager window when it minimized.
    * increased the position shift of the new mask after copy&paste it.
    * prevent freezing of Mapio under MacOS >= 10.10
    * changed colors in highlight slice mode
    * added a default GLSL for Sandbox QML sketch

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